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Strangers have the best candy Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "urlildrummergrl" journal:
July 1st, 2008
03:15 am



its 2008 ... i havnt been on since b4 the jonas brothers were discovered haha wow ... i love them by the way ... 

i dont even think people still use these things nemore lol ... neway ... 

thought i would check up on it haha ... =]] 

still as lame as always haha

Current Mood: flirtyflirty
Current Music: jonas brothers

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September 22nd, 2005
08:11 am


im back
i left for a while from here but now im back where i went wasnt that great but im back dso shut up i know no one gets on anymore and i dont know why they are all pre occupuied with myspace lol thats where i was opeople wanting to be ur friends with no pics and trying to tell u they iknow u lol what the fuck hahaha um i go backl to chandler high in january i hope but who now i just wanna go to a school that doesnt treat u like ur in prison lol well im gonna go back to sleep now i dont havw to be at school till 1 well late

Current Mood: relaxedim all good well good night
Current Music: none im going to bed

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March 31st, 2005
07:13 pm


scared but i don't know why
church was fun last night........................Today school was boring i got allot of homework and had to go to tutoring after school and then karen's oh well i will live i am not going to email people who think they met me from somewhere b4 like in a chat or something unless i really did meet them in real life or unless the have have aol cause i'm never on yahoo at all haven't been for 2 or 3 years so not going to fall for it not going to let my little sister have my password to my aol account cause she emails my friends or people that email me that think they know me and this is not supposed to make sense at all so don't worry if you think it is then comment that ok well i am looking forward to church on sunday and my mom might come again and my great grandma posy might come to we don't know yet
well g2g
talk to ya late

Current Mood: scaredit is dark in here
Current Music: breaking the habbit

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March 30th, 2005
03:56 pm


by the way
well for starters chubytwig is my friend brittany from school on the other hand school was not all that fun today either but i payed attention do i get credit for that and tonight church will be a blast and i will probably post about it when i get home and then just think the only time when you get away from your family and hear about something good it is great well i'm going to go get ready to hear something great
talk to ya late

Current Mood: indescribablethis is a good song
Current Music: all that i've got

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March 29th, 2005
07:10 pm


school sucked and all i did was watch movies all day you think the first day back at school would be better then this tomorrow i have math and science the only good classes that i have on wednesdays and fridays i hate history it sucks i hope that tomorrow is allot better and it will get even better when i get to church but thats all i look forward to on wednesdays and sundays and sometimes we go shopping after church on sundays and but thats kinda boring it gets better but i cant see into the future that would be so cool though i don't know that it will get better i just have a feeling
g2g love ya always
talk to ya late

Current Mood: satisfiedis that not cute
Current Music: i can only imagine

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March 28th, 2005
01:43 pm


wierded out
well wesley called me last night but i have my worries i don't think it was him cause he does not know my cell number and he does not know my cousins name allisen thats you and i know he asked about his niece well if he comes up to me on Wednesday night and tells me are you going to introduce me to your cousin then i wont have my wierdness anymore i told him that i liked him or whoever it was on the phone that i liked wesley and i did the same for allisen so now either wesley or someone else knows that she likes him i know i told him that we were going to be friends and hew said yes but if he talks to me on Wednesday and asks me anything about the convo then i will believe him he called from like an operator on the net so he could reach my cell but first you have to have the number and i never call him on it oh well i will talk to him on Wednesday and find out if it was him talk to you guys late love always

Current Mood: scaredoh my gosh
Current Music: 1985

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March 23rd, 2005
10:04 pm


oh my gosh westley dyed his hair blond and thats not the worst part he also has a big red star dyed on to the back of his head he says its red but it looks pink to me kinda like a hot pink almost red star it is very hot on him its just you can tell he dyed his hair cause his eyebrows are still dark brown oh well he is still nice to me and hes hott to but his hair looks good

anyway g2g

love ya always


Current Mood: hoti have a fever
Current Music: no music

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March 22nd, 2005
05:04 pm


i dont know why im excited but i am and i had the wierdest dream i got married to a monkey and then he divorced me for my mom i dont know it was strange and then some morman lady was like why did you take my husband away i dont know but i have alot of wierd dreams lately i have no idea why but alot of my dreams are about mormans it is wierd i agree but i have to go talk to you guys late

Current Mood: excitedi love it when hot guys kiss
Current Music: mr. brightside

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March 19th, 2005
02:42 pm


i went shopping today we wee gone for 5 hours it was so uhhhhhhhhh i just wanted to leave well off to baby sit again for westley's mom late

Current Mood: tiredto much shopping
Current Music: candy shop

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March 15th, 2005
04:11 pm


All i have done all day is read im on my third 300 page book already talk about being board i have done nothing all day except go to pc gaming i have taken like 1 million internet quizzes and dont like any of the results at all anyway g2g my mom is going to be home soon so i can go baby sit fo wesley's mom

love ya

Current Mood: flirtyoh how i love ...
Current Music: 1,2 step

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